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    Pingyang County, Zhejiang Province, Constant deceleration Machinery Factory, product trademarks: "Constant", is a professional production, research and development, sales R series helical gear reducer, S series helical gear - worm gear reducer, K series spiral bevel gear - helical gear reducer, F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer, T series spiral bevel gear commutator, Q (S) WL worm screw lift the unit, and through the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification. For user customization nonstandard gear. To improve product quality and production efficiency and effectiveness of high-quality products to our factory from product design, processing to finished product, there are strict production process. Our company attaches great importance to the product after-sales service, so our customers always right "Constant" product assured, and satisfied.
    "Quality of survival, reputation and development" is our purpose.
    "Create brand-name products, so enterprises pioneer," Customer satisfaction is our goal.
    High-quality products with favorable prices and good service will regret your choice.
    "Constant" slow down with you to create a brilliant tomorrow! We warmly welcome new and old customers cooperate with our factory and negotiate business and to visit the guide.

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